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Golden retrievers are my hobby.  I enjoy their company and partaking in a variety of activities and AKC events. I tend to have very few litters in a year. On the exciting occasion that I do have puppies, I carefully screen all potential puppy owners and place puppies according to their personalities and the needs of their new families. I have found that this is the best way to ensure the happiness of the puppy and owner.


It is vital that one be ethical in the breeding of any animal. I adhere to the Golden Retriever Club of America code of ethics as a dog owner and breeder (  I follow health testing guidelines as indicated in the GRCA code of ethics, and I try to make these records available on my website so that those interested in a puppy can make an educated decision.  If you are left with any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. A puppy is an emotional investment for the entire family.  A golden will live with you for ten to fifteen years and in your heart forever.  With this in mind, choosing a breeder that you are confident in is a major decision.


I take great pride in my lines and greatly respect the breeders in which they come. A lot of careful time and planning goes into every mating.  In addition to health and conformation, both parents should possess the true golden retriever temperament that the breed is known for.   I take into consideration the entire dog and do not simply breed for color or any other single trait (Click for breed standard). 


Choosing the Right Puppy for the Right Home: Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing

Temperament is very important in this breed. The golden retriever is versatile and best known for their ability as a hunting companion as well as a great family dog. 

Keeping in mind the breed's original purpose, I feel that it is vital to match puppies to their new families based on their individual needs. 


This helps to insure the happiness of all parties.  A family wanting a calm couch potato may not be best suited with a puppy that poses high drive and would be happier with a specific job.  I test puppies at 49 days of age using the Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test.  This, in addition to what I already know about their pedigree and each of their sweet personalities, helps me to work with families in the hopes of making compatible matches. 


You can read more about Volhard testing here


Health Guarantee

All puppies are placed into their new homes with a written contract/health guarantee to help safeguard puppies, new families, and breeder.  Pet puppies are placed into their new homes with a non-breeding agreement; however, due to new research, I request that new owners put off spaying/neutering until growth plates close.

Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in golden retrievers

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