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Faded Ash Golden Retrievers

Ashley Fade


located in the Houston, Texas area

Bohemium of Zaporozhye Darius Heir Star

Angelonato Winner of'Life X Brilliantovaya Ledi Zolotaya Khortitsa

Henry Higgins

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Henry came to me from Tatyana Shpachenko in the Ukraine.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring this wonderful boy into our home.  His pedigree brings together many of my favorite Goldens.  I have the highest of hopes for his future.  He is an active boy that possesses the classic Golden Retriever temperament that the breed is known for.

Thank you Tatyana, for entrusting me with this amazing boy!


Hips: Excellent (GR-128323E40M-VPI)

Elbows: Normal (GR-EL47874M40-VPI)

Eyes: Normal (GR-EYE18325/16M-PI)

Heart: Normal (GR-ACA4525/16M-VPI)

DM: Clear PawPrints 37016

PRA 1: Clear PawPrints 37016

PRA 2: Clear PawPrints 37016

PRCD-PRA: Clear PawPrints 37016

Ichthyosis: Carrier PawPrints 37016