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Faded Ash Golden Retrievers can be found in the Houston, Texas area. I have been involved with dogs my entire life but was first introduced to the golden retriever when my mother brought home our family's first golden, Lady, in 1999 and our first show-quality golden, Kelsie, in 2000. These girls stole all of our hearts and a few years later our family decided to begin searching for our third show-quality golden. As we researched and learned more about the breed, we became acquainted with the standard for the breed in their country of origin. We were very impressed with the dedication and work done by one particular program in the Netherlands.  Eventually, we were lucky enough to welcome Multi Champion Robin Hood of the Morning Valley, Mac into our family from this kennel. 

With my mother as my mentor under the kennel name Bayside Goldens, I began training and owner-handling our dogs as a teenager.  Since this time, my love for the breed has never faltered.  Now I work with my own lines in an effort to continuously improve and advance the breed.  Like so much of the world, I work to follow the standard set by the breed's country of origin (The Kennel Club).


Ashley Fade

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