Faded Ash Golden Retrievers can be found in the Houston, Texas area. I have been involved with dogs my entire life, but was first introduced to the Golden Retriever when my mother brought home our family's first Golden, Kelsie, in 2000. Kelsie stole all of our hearts, and a few years later my mother decided to begin searching for a show Golden. As we began researching the breed, we became acquainted with the standard for the breed outside of the US. We were very impressed with the hard work done by one particular program in the Netherlands, and were lucky enough to welcome Mac into our family. It was then that my passion for the breed really sparked.


Although my mother has since retired from the dog world, I have decided to passionately continue my efforts. With the help of generous and knowledgeable Golden enthusiasts, I have enjoyed advancing my knowledge of the breed.  I love the Golden Retriever, and I am excited for what the future holds.


Ashley Fade

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Faded Ash Golden Retrievers

Ashley Fade


located in the Houston, Texas area